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The manufacture is home to both traditional expertise and cutting-edge technologies. Our tools are entirely manufactured by our company and bear the stamp of 'A. Dumont & Fils Made in Switzerland' on the inside. The material itself therefore shows the product origin. It is our quest for perfection that has enabled us to maintain our reputation as a market leader in tweezers manufacturing.


Since being established in Switzerland in 1964, Ideal-tek has become one of the world’s leading manufacturer and suppliers of precision hand tools and instruments. Our products are used every day, all over the world, by thousands of customers in the surgical instruments, medical device, microscopy and laboratory, electronics and semiconductor, watchmaking, jewellery and beauty industries.


All of our products are made by hand from the best steel, consistent with all the rules of traditional craftsmanship. And during all processes, our products are repeatedly tested and controlled, so that no product leaves our manufacturing facilities that does not meet with the very highest standards.


SIPEL Electronic SA is a privately held company founded in 1989 in Geneva, Switzerland. We develop, manufacture and distribute high technology precision hand tools for the electronics, watch making and medical industries. Our product range include tweezers, pliers, cutters and vacuum pickup tools, as well as custom made tools. We aim at exceeding customer expectations by optimizing response time when managing, producing and shipping orders.


Peer-Vigor is a manufacture in Switzerland. The products had been used for a long time in Japanese electronic industry. The quality of their tweezers are famous for exact finish and moderate tension.


Erem by Weller benefits High-precision tools for any application ? made in Switzerland Patented Erem Magic spring guarantees over 1 million closing cycles Self-locking screw system prevents the head of the pliers from getting stuck Long service life thanks to induction-hardened cutting edges Ergonomically designed handles for incredible comfort, security and grip


The carrier of our craftsmen who have been working our company is more than 30, 40 years.
Even if the production is mechanized, the tweezers need a final touch of craftsman's technique.
The medical tweezers affect the life of the person directly. We think that the tools that we make are the essential to save life. We do our best with pride for many years and make an effort from now on.